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Watch Bangla live tv channels live online. At present, the internet is blessing for everyone. Without the internet we can’t think ourselves in this modern age. The Internet has affected our family as well. A few days ago, we were watching TV with all of our family members. At that time, all of the family members complained that they can’t watch their favorite TV show or program. Because they only need to watch one channel together at a time. So that they did not have any other option. But now, no one complains for watching their favorite TV shows because of the internet. Bangladesh government digitalizing every sector of our country. Media is also a sector which digitalized very rapidly. Now, every TV channel makes their every program live online. So that, we can easily get their program by mobile and computer.

Do you want to watch Bangladeshi tv channels live online? Then, go through this post attentively. I’m sharing all information about Bangladeshi TV channels including their live streaming link. So that you can enjoy them any time at any place with internet connection.

Bangladeshi TV Channel List With Live Streaming Link

There are so many registered TV channels in Bangladesh. Most of them are privately owned channel. In this era of technology, almost all TV channels now broadcast their programs through the internet alongside the traditional cable network system. You can watch them in Facebook, YouTube and various live streaming platforms. Finding live streaming link is a time consuming work. That is why we are here in this post. In this post, you will get all Bangladeshi TV channels live streaming link for free.


After founding this channel in July 03, 2003 it has become one of the main source of entertainment for Bangladeshi citizens. Here, the telecast news, movies, talk shows, educational and religious programs and many more things. In every special day like an Eid festival, Puja, they schedule something special for us. If you want to watch every entertaining program of NTV. Then find the live link from below.

📺 NTV Live Streaming Link [YouTube Channel]


Nowadays RTV is renowned as Natok or Short film specialist. RTV launched on 26 December 2005 for the very first time. RTV is also famous for its trustworthy news. They provide most recent and actual bulletin very fast. RTV become very heartiest TV channel for the Bangladeshi viewers. Everyone can watch this channel by their Laptop, mobile or Computer. To watch RTV live, fine the link from below.

📺 RTV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Somoy TV

Somoy Tv is one of the most watched channel of Bangladesh. This channel is mainly famous for its 24/7 telecast news which is launched 17 April 2011 for the first time. This channel is top-rated and most reliable TV channel which approved by the Bangladesh government. Whole day, they telecast each and every news of Bangladesh as well as international news. Maximum viewers of our country always find this channel for the reliable information. Somoy TV could be renamed as an Information center. If you want to find this channel in online, then click on the link below.

📺 Somoy TV Live Streaming Link [YouTube Channel]


Banglavision is very focused for their TV show about Bengali language. It launched 31 March 2006 for the first time. Just few weeks after their arrival, they become very popular for their entertaining shows. Their music Live shows are on another level. They called many legend singers of Bangladesh for their musical shows. If anyone wants to get this channel on their mobile phone or laptop, then here we have included the link below.

📺 Banglavision Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Jamuna TV

Jamuna TV is popular for their news telecast. They telecast their news 24 hours in a day. This channel published most reliable news. That’s why it’s become very famous in just a few years. Jamuna TV started their official journey on 05 February 2002. People tuned their channel almost whole day for the recent news of the world as well as Bangladesh. Not only that, they have more than one million subscribers in their YouTube channel. To find this channel on your phone, click the link below.

📺 Jamuna TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

DBC News

From the name of this channel, we all can understand that it’s a news channel. It delivers news about 24 hours in a day. Dhaka Bangla media & communication is the owner of this channel. In September 21, 2016 this channel started their official activities. If you want to get the most reliable news from DBC news, then you can find the live program link of this channel from below.

📺 DBC News Live Streaming Link [YouTube Channel]


The name of this channel is describing about this as a news channel. Without any doubt, News24 is also a news channel, they want to provide us the main and the reliable news of our country as we as others. This channel started their journey in the year of 2016. If you want to get the most recent news on News24, then click the link below.

📺 News24 Live Streaming Link [YouTube Channel]

GTV (Gazi Television)

The full meaning of GTV is Gazi Television. Gazi group of industries is the owner of this channel. This channel is an unofficial sports channel of Bangladesh. As we know, we do not have any official channel in our country. That’s why GTV live telecast all the international match as well as the league. Not only cricket match, they also telecast so many musical shows, short films, movies as well. GTV started their operation on 12 June 2012. Find GTV live show from the link given below.

📺 GTV Live Streaming Link [BDTYPE.COM]

Ekattor TV

One of the most popular news channel in Bangladesh is ‘Ekattor TV’. Back in 21 June 2012, Ekattor TV launched with a huge response. They attracted audiences with real time news broadcasting. They still serving all the latest news to us. “Sangbad Noy Songjog” is the tagline of this popular news channel. Click the below link to enjoy their live broadcasting online.

📺 Ekattor TV Live Streaming Link [Bioscope Live]

Channel I

Channel I is a privately owned TV channel of Bangladesh. This is the first digital channel of Bangladesh. Impress group is the owner of this channel. This channel is very famous for the social activity shows like agriculture, school competition etc. This channel launched on 01 October 1999. To watch this channel on your phone, click on the link.

📺 Channel I Live Streaming Link [Bioscope Live]

ATN Bangla

ATN Bangla is obviously Bangla digital cable television channel of our country. Simply we can say, this is the all rounder channels of our country. Because, they telecast movies, news, drama series, short films, musical shows, talk shows, agricultural show and many more things. Not only Bangladesh, people can tune this channel from South Asia, Middle-east, Europe, and North America also. If you want to find this channel on your mobile or laptop, click on the link.

📺 ATN Bangla Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Ekushey Television (ETV)

Ekushey TV is shortly known as ETV. The name of this channel is referencing 21 February. This channel is also famous for its many different programs. This is the first digital channel which broadcast national and international news. Its headquarter is in Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. They also telecast movies, telefilm, series and so on. To tune this channel, find the live link from below.

📺 Ekushey TV Live Streaming Link [Official Website]

Boishakhi TV

Boishakh is a very big festival of Bangladesh. The name is referencing of Pahela Boishakh. Slogan of this channel is ‘Muktijuddher Chetonay’. They telecast news, telefilms, talk show, musical show as well. They are very much enjoying to broadcast some festival show. In the special festival, they publish so many famous shows. To find this channel, click on the link.

📺 Boishakhi TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Desh TV

Desh Tv is one of the popular channels of Bangladesh. This channel broadcasts their programs by using Telstar 10 satellite. This channel starts their official operation on March 26, 2009. Desh Tv broadcast news, movies, telefilms. Here, we have attached a live link of this channel.

📺 Desh TV Live Streaming Link [BDTYPE.COM]

Mohona TV

Mohona TV is privately-owned Television channel of Bangladesh. Television network is the owner of this channel. The main purpose of this channel is broadcasting news. They telecast movie, telefilms also. The slogan of this channel is ‘Banglar Proticchobi’. Its head office is located in Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka. Here, you will get the link to tune this channel live.

📺 Mohona TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]


My Tv basically popular for its news, movies, religious & political talk shows. Then telecast their programs to 153 countries including USA, UK, Canada and Middle East. My Tv started their journey on 15 April 2010. V.M. international Ltd is the owner of this channel. Their slogan is Excellence in innovation. Head quarter is MYTV bhaban, 155, 150/3 Easy Ulan, Hatir Jheel, Dhaka 1219. You can find the link to tune this channel from below.

📺 My TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Maasranga TV

This channel is very famous for their news telecast. But they also broadcast the live sports. They telecast the cricket live with GTV as a partner. Bangladeshi people are very mad at sports. So, they become very popular by broadcasting sports live. Its officially launched on 30 July 2011. If you want to get this channel live over your phone, find the link here.

📺 Maasranga TV Live Streaming Link [BDTYPE.COM]

Channel 9

Channel 9 is also a privately-owned channel. They only broadcast entertainment & sports program only. They got the legal right to telecast Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) & La Liga. Officially channel 9 launched on 8 April 2011. The owner of this channel is Virgo Media Ltd. Here, we attached the live link of Channel 9.

📺 Channel 9 Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]


SA Tv is known as South Asian TV. This channel telecast so many programs. Such as, talk shows, Drama, newscast, national & international sports, music, movies and so on. Their program is centered on fashion, health & lifestyle. They started their journey in 19 January 2013. Their owner is Salah Uddin Ahmed. You can get this channel live link from the below.

📺 SA TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Asian Tv

Asian Tv is the satellite TV channel of Bangladesh. It telecasts some selected entertaining programs. It’s also broadcast news and drama shows. This channel started their journey on 18 January 2013. The owner is Asian Group of Industries. The head office is situated in Gulshan 1 Niketon, Dhaka. To tune this channel by phone, use the given link.

📺 Asian TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Channel 24

Channel 24 is an another news focused TV channel in Bangladesh. Although it also broadcasts some non-fiction programs. This privately-owned commercial TV channel launched on 24 May 2012. Times Media Limited is the owner company of this television channel. Their headquarter located in 387 (South) Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can watch live Channel 24 from the link given below.

📺 Channel 24 Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

Deepto TV

Deepto Tv is privately-owned satellite TV channel of Bangladesh. It’s owned by the Kazi Farms Group. They operate their all activities under Kazi media Ltd. This channel is mainly focused on daily drama serials. This channel started its commercial transmission on 18 November 2015. Deepto Tv has got the legal right from the foreign syndicate to dubbing foreign drama serials like Sultan Suleiman. Find this channel from the link below.

📺 Deepto TV Live Streaming Link [BDTYPE.COM]

Nagorik TV

Nagorik Tv is a private satellite channel owned by Jadoo Media Ltd. This channel was the official broadcast partner of FIFA in Bangladesh in the 2018 World Cup. They started their official journey on 1 March 2018. Their head office situated in Kha-53, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229. Here, We have attached the official live link of this channel.

📺 Nagorik TV Live Streaming Link [BDTYPE.COM]

Independent TV

The most famous and popular news channel in Independent TV. They broadcast most recent and valuable news as soon as we want. This is the most reliable news broadcasting channel of Bangladesh. This is also a privately-owned TV channel. Owner of this channel is Beximco Group. They started their journey in 20 October 2010. If you want to get the most recent news, click on the link below.

📺 Independent TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

GaanBangla TV

GaanBangla is the first HD musical channel of Bangladesh. This channel broadcast only musical program. You can enjoy both Bangla & foreign music in this channel. They are legally in contact with so many foreign music composers in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-east as well. They started their journey in December 16, 2013. Owner of this channel is Kaushik Hossain Taposh. To find some amazing and popular songs, tune to this channel from below link.

📺 GaanBangla TV Live Streaming Link [JagoBD]

BTV (Bangladesh Television)

BTV is the state-owned Bangladeshi TV channel. It’s also known as Bangladesh Television. On 25 December 1964, BTV started its journey as Pakistan Television. After the independence of Bangladesh, it got the new name ‘Bangladesh Television’. So, BTV is the oldest TV channel in Bangladesh. This channel was huge popular when other private TV channels didn’t start their journey. It was the only entertainment source of general peoples. This national channel broadcast from Dhaka.

📺 BTV Live Streaming Link [Bioscope Live]

Enjoy Bangla Live TV Online For Free!

From the above, you can find the so many amazing satellite TV channels of Bangladesh. We all know that, in this modern age internet is heavily affecting our daily activities. Watching TV is not traditional now. Now we just want to get the main information by seeing the short news. That’s why, we want to get the access on the TV channel from our smartphone or computer. Sometimes, we can’t find the reliable link to access of those tv channels. Here, we have done for you. We have collected so many renowned TV channel link. You just need to find your favorite channel and click on the link. So, tune your favorite channel and enjoy your programs.

Disclaimer: All the live streaming links collected from YouTube, JagoBD, BDTYPE & Bioscope Live. If you are a legal owner of those streaming & don’t want to share the live streaming link here in this post. Please, contact us for a removal request. We will remove your link within 24 hours.


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