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bengali fm radio

Bengali FM Radio is connected with the soul of Bengali listeners. Each and every time listener connected with the Bengali FM radio for the latest update. Listening Bengali FM is an addiction. Because, they always broadcast so many amazing programs. Bengali listeners are very fond of searching new stations. New stations mean new experiences. It is no matter, you have any internet and electricity connection or not. If you have a mobile phone and an ear or headset, you can know the latest update as well as can experience so many new programs. If you are a hearted Bengali FM listener, you should search new station always.

Bengali FM Radio List With Streaming Link

Here we have collected so many new and renowned FM radio stations with its FM frequencies, which will help you to find those stations easily. So, if you want to want to gather some new experiences in Bengali FM radio, then read this post diligently.

Radio Foorti

Radio Foorti is the largest radio station of Bangladesh. It started the live program on 22 September 2006 for the very first time. Its slogan is ‘Do Foorti’ and its radio frequency is ‘88.0’. Currently Radio Foorti available in Dhaka, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Bogra, Noakhali, Mymensingh and Cox’s Bazar. Basically, it’s a ‘Music Radio’ network. You can always enjoy the music here.

📻 Listen Radio Foorti Live Online

Radio Aamar

Radio Aamar is a privately-owned radio station of Bangladesh. Its broadcast 24 hours and 7 days. Radio Aamar broadcast News, Bangla Songs, English Songs, Traffic update, Band Songs, Weather updates and market places. This station started its official journey on December 11, 2007. Its slogan is ‘True Voice of Bangladesh’. Its radio frequency is ’88.4’, it is their new radio frequency. Their previous radio frequency was ‘101.6’.

📻 Listen Radio Aamar Live Online (Not Found)

ABC Radio

ABC Radio is the first news-oriented station of Bangladesh. This FM radio broadcast their news in Dhaka, Chittagong and cox’s bazaar. Recently, they have included music in their program schedule. ABC radio started its operation in 2007. Its broadcasted radio frequency is ’89.2’. This radio station is a part of Transcom Ltd. And it’s a sister concern of Transcom Group.

📻 Listen ABC Radio Live Online

Radio Today

Radio Today is the first established 24 hours broadcasting radio station of Bangladesh. They started its airing in May, 2006. Its radio frequency is ’89.6’. Radio Today broadcasted their program in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Mymensingh and Comilla. Its slogan I ‘All day All hits’. Radio Today broadcasts only musical programs.

📻 Listen Radio Today Live Online (Not Found)

Dhaka FM

Dhaka FM is the largest live broadcasting radio station. They broadcast 19+ live programs within 24 hours. Its radio frequency is ’90.4’. Dhaka FM started their broadcasting in 1st January, 2012. Dhaka FM’s slogan is ‘My city My tune’. Basically, it’s a Bengali Language radio station, which only broadcasted in Dhaka. Outsiders of Dhaka have to enter their official website ‘’ to enjoy its programs.

📻 Listen Dhaka FM Live Online

Asian Radio

‘Asian Radio’ the name related to the Asian continent. It’s a Bangladeshi radio station which broadcasts their programs in the Bengali-language. Asian radio started their broadcasting on January 18, 2013. And the official transmission started in September 23, 2013. Its radio frequency is ’90.8’. Asian radio only broadcast musical programs. ‘www.asianradio908’ is their official website.

📻 Listen Asian Radio Live Online (Not Found)

Radio Dhoni

Radio Dhoni is the privately-owned Bangladeshi FM radio station. They broadcast musical shows. They started their broadcasting on 14 April 2015. Radio Dhoni only broadcasts their program in Dhaka city. If you an outsider of Dhaka, then you have to enter in ‘’ to get their programs. The Radio Dhoni’s radio frequency is 91.2.

📻 Listen Radio Dhoni Live Online

Peoples Radio

Peoples Radio is Dhaka based radio station in Bangladesh. They broadcast their programs only in Dhaka city. Their radio frequency is ‘91.6’. Peoples Radio broadcasts their programs in 24 hours and 7 days. Peoples Radio started their journey on December 11, 2011. They have an official website ‘’ for the outsiders of Dhaka city. They broadcast musical programs.

📻 Listen Peoples Radio Live Online (Not Found)

Radio Shadhin

Radio Shadhin broadcast all matches of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team. But its broadcasting area is restricted in Dhaka city. Other citizens should go to ‘’ to get all the cricket match live. They started the commercial launching in March 20, 2013. Its radio frequency is ‘92.4’. The headquarter of Radio Shadhin situated in Dhaka city.

📻 Listen Radio Shadhin Live Online

Radio Bhumi

Radio Bhumi is very famous for sports coverage. Basically, it’s a Dhaka based, privately-owned radio station. Radio Bhumi believes that, their every step of the work brings perfection with quality. That’s why, now they are the role model of Bangladesh radio industry. Radio Bhumi’s radio frequency is ’92.8’. And their slogan is ‘Biswashey Bangladesh’. Radio Bhumi mostly broadcast Motivational. Sports, Educational and Documentary commentaries.

📻 Listen Radio Bhumi Live Online

Radio Next

Radio Next is the Private radio station of Bangladesh. This radio broadcasts their programs in every region in Bangladesh. It’s commercially launched in May 6, 2015. Its new tagline ‘The happiest Radio on the Earth’ has been launched in 2018 in their 3rd anniversary. Their previous tagline was ‘More music, More fun’. Their radio frequency is ’93.2.

📻 Listen Radio Next Live Online (Not Found)

Radio Dhol

Radio Dhol is the Bangla music radio station. Their name similar to the famous Bengali musical instrument ‘Dhol’. Its focus the Bengali music. Radio Dhol broadcast their programs in Dhaka city. They officially launched in December 10, 2015. Their radio frequency is ’94.0’. And their slogan is ‘Bajao’. They have their official app ‘Dhole App’ which is available in the iOS, and Play Store.

📻 Listen Radio Dhol Live Online

Jago FM

Jago FM is privately-owned Bangla radio station in Bangladesh. This FM radio station broadcasts their all the programs in Dhaka city. Their official broadcasting has been started in October 27, 2015. Jago FM is just a Musical radio station. They broadcast Bangla and English music. Their radio frequency is ’94.4’ & the headquarter situated in Dhaka city. Their official website ‘’.

📻 Listen Jago FM Live Online

Radio Capital

Radio Capital is a news broadcasting radio station of Bangladesh. They broadcast their programs only in Dhaka city. Their name is related to our capital ‘Dhaka’. Radio capital’s CEO Naem Nizam who is a Bangladeshi journalist. Radio Capital is affiliated with ‘East West Media Group’. And its owner is ‘Bashundhara Group’. Its radio frequency is 94.8.

📻 Listen Radio Capital Live Online

Spice FM

Spice FM is the Bangladeshi radio station. It’s a private radio station, which owner is Radio Masala Limited. Spice FM developed by its current CEO ‘Tasnim Borsha Islam’. Its CEO is always a fan of Radio and Dance music. That’s why, she started this station for change the way to listen music. Their official slogan is ‘We change the way you listen to music’. Its radio frequency is 96.4.

📻 Listen Spice FM Live Online

Radio Ekattor

‘Radio Ekattor’ the name related to our independence war, which occur in 1971. Radio Ekattor is a private Bangladeshi radio station. Radio Ekattor broadcast all the cricket matches of ‘Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Its radio frequency is ’98.4’. They started their broadcasting on 26 March 2015.

📻 Listen Radio Ekattor Live Online

Colours FM

Colours FM is the only Radio station, which works with and for the women of Bangladesh. This radio channel targets all the women whose age range from 18-35 years. They want to guide all the women not only in beauty, fashion, health, fitness, but they help them financially and legally if anyone needs. Colours FM authority wants to ensure the right of women in Bangladesh. They also want to entertain them by latest and classic music. Colours FM’s radio frequency is ‘101.6. They started their journey in 2014.

📻 Listen Radio Foorti Live Online

Radio Amber

Radio Amber is a privately-owned radio station of Bangladesh. They broadcast their all the programs in Dhaka city. Their headquarter is also situated in Dhaka city. They have started their commercial broadcasting in September 1st, 2016. Their radio frequency is ‘102.4’. You can enjoy Radio Amber’s program on their official website ‘’.

📻 Listen Radio Amber Live Online

Radio Meghna

Radio Meghna is a community radio station in Bangladesh. This radio station mainly operated by ‘Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRS). BNNRC promoting the advocacy to the Bangladesh government relating to the community radio broadcasted in a special area. Radio Meghna operated under Broadcast and Operation policy 2008. The government enacted this policy in 2009 to ensure the free flow of information to the people. Radio Meghna broadcasts their programs in Coast trust, Chorfassion, Bhola island. Its radio frequency is ’99.0’.

📻 Listen Radio Meghna Live Online (Not Found)

Enjoy Live Online Radio in Bangladesh For Free!

FM radio is a part of Bengali life. Bengali people always listen the FM radio to get updated. In many areas of Bangladesh, where still electricity hasn’t reached. There FM radio is the main source of entertainment. In above, we have enlisted so many renowned FM radio stations with their radio frequency. If want, you can find a new radio station from there.

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