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BRAC Job Circular 2020 has published on ‘’. It is the official website of BRAC. This is the most expected and asking circular for the job seekers. When the unemployment rate of Bangladesh is exceeding the line, in that mean time BRAC brings an extremely pleasurable news for the job finders. Fresh graduates are getting depressed for lacking of adequate workplace. This circular will be able to fill up a little of that deficiency. BRAC is the biggest Non-Government Organization (NGO) of Bangladesh. This organization has taken so many great initiatives for the welfare of our country. This is a renowned and well-established organization. So, this circular could be a life changing circular for the youth.

In this post, we have described about the career opportunity at BRAC. If you read this post carefully, you will be able to understand the whole process about the job application. Keep your temper down, and go through the post fully to get the clarification.

Job Circular Information

Position:Head of Operations; Programme Coordinator
Circular Published:8 July 2020
Last Date to Apply:10 and 16 July 2020
Educational Requirements:See Job Circular
Number of Vacancies:Not Specified
Age Limit:N/A
Job Nature:See Job Circular
Job Type:NGO Job

BRAC Job Circular 2020

BRAC Job Circular 2020
Application Deadline:16 July 2020

Apply Now Online


BRAC Job Circular 2020
Application Deadline: 10 July 2020

Apply Now Online

Apply Now Online | Application Process for BRAC Jobs

The traditional job application process was cumbersome and time consuming. In that process, applicants written a job application by their hand, and attach all the related documents with that application. Then, they were sending the application through the post office. But, BRAC done a great job to reduce the application time. They are taking application through their website. Applying for related post, you must follow the following instructions.

First of all, you need to enter in their official website ( Then you have to find the ‘Career’ portal. One you find the ‘Career’ portal, you need to go select your expected job position. Then you can find a ‘View’ button at the end of the column of your expected position. You need to click on the ‘View’ button to apply for the position. In the ‘View’ option, you will find all the related descriptive information about the position like, educational requirements, salary, other opportunities etc. Go through all the instructions and information carefully. Then, at the bottom you will find two options ‘Print’ & ‘Apply’. Click on the ‘Apply’ button for applying for that position. You need to fill up all the related options and submit your all the required documents through this option.

When you complete all the necessary steps, your application will be done. Now, you just need to wait for their next call.

Career Opportunity at BRAC NGO

We all know that, BRAC is the biggest and a renowned NGO of Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh, it is renowned internationally. The whole world has a positive aspect on Brac. So, it’s a matter of pride to join with this kind of well-established NGO. There have so many opportunities to join with BRAC. It gives a large amount of salary for the employee even there have so many chances to increase the salary by showing your experience. BRAC gives the job security to all the employees. Without any appropriate reason, you will not be fired by the BRAC authority. BRAC has various skill development programs for the employee. Where you can develop your skills and get experiences so many new fields of work. Your skills are your assets. BRAC wants to make a skilled nation. This initiative makes this organization authentic from other organizations.

Facility for Employees at BRAC

BRAC also provides the provident fund facility for all the employees. From where, you will get a big amount after your retirement. This is another security for your future. BRAC wants to make a beautiful Bangladesh, where there will be no discrimination, no poverty and no unemployment. BRAC do not support any kind of discrimination to their recruitment. They include only skilled and eligible persons. No matter you are poor or rich, man or woman, if you are eligible, you will get the job. BRAC works almost every sector in our society. There has no area in Bangladesh, where BRAC didn’t start their activities. BRAC works for the nation. So, it is a matter of pride for being a part of this big family of the Bangladesh.

When you will work with so many amazing and significant projects of BRAC, you will able to create a different and authentic identity in your society, which is very prestigious for you and your family. So, wish you good luck for your upcoming future.

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