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HSC Routine 2020 is the most asking topic of current year. Are you also looking for the exam date & all the latest update for HSC exam 2020? Then you are on the right post. Here in this informative article, we will share the postponed HSC exam new update. Actually, this year HSC examination could start from 1st April. But, the government has postponed this important exam for covid19 pandemic. So, all the examinees & their parents got tensed for this crisis. They are waiting for the new announcement of the HSC exam date.

If you want to know the latest update about the HSC examination time schedule. Then you have to go through the full post. We have shared the old routine here & post regularly the news updates on HSC examination 2020.

HSC Exam 2020 Highlights

Name of The ExamHigher Secondary Certificate
Exam Year2020
Total Candidates1,351,505
Total Board10
Exam Start DateNot Announced Yet
Exam End DateNot Announced Yet
Exam TimeNot Announced Yet
Each Exam Duration3 Hours
Practical Exam DateNot Announced Yet
Practical Exam DateNot Announced Yet

HSC is the other name of Higher Secondary Certificate. It’s a two year long course after completing Secondary School Certificate (SSC). There have also three (3) sections naming 1. Science, 2. Arts, 3. Business Studies, like SSC. But the specialty is, here students can change their sections into their preference. Students of Science section can enter into all the others sections, but the other two sections (Arts & Business Studies) sections can change into each other. They cannot enter into Science section.

HSC is the most valuable exam of every student of Bangladesh. Because, the result of this exam is also counting in the university exam with SSC result. That’s why students become very conscious during this exam. In every year this exam held in two months (April-May). But in 2020 this exam has been suspended due to the COVID-19 or CORONA Virus. In this year Exam authority also decided to take the exam on 1st April, but due to the pandemic authority has changed their decision. Now exam authority announced that, exam will be taken after 15 days of controlling of COVID-19 or CORONA Virus. So, they will provide the exam schedule or exam routine before 10-15 days before the exam starting date. We will also provide that routine as soon as we get that.

Don’t be depressed, stay cool…

This exam is like a war, without a healthy preparation they cannot win this war with their expected result. Parents are very worried about the current situation and also for the examination. They are regularly searching about the examination update. Recommendation for the parents is, don’t worry about the update of the exam, we are here to fulfill our duty, we will let you stay updated.

Now your duty is just to check our site regularly & taking care about the examinees. Don’t be pressurize them, stay humble. This is the very difficult situation for all (students, parents, exam authority). Because, CORONA Virus is showing its horrible face into every society. The situation is very difficult now. We all know that exam authority is supposed to go to publish the HSC exam routine 2020, but they are disengaged from their decision due to the current situation. Not only that, each & every educational institute has closed all of their activities. Some of them are pursuing by online, but the rate is very poor. The world has stopped in a certain position. All the activities like economic, cultural, educational has been postponed. That doesn’t mean it’s the vacation to travel for the students.

Government is trying their best to figure out the solution…

The government just wants to stay protected from corona virus. In this meantime, we all need to stay home. And most importantly, students, it’s the most valuable time to be well prepared.

Publishing of HSC Exam routine 2020 is depending on the current situation. When the situation gets stable, education ministry will publish the routine. Every student & parents are eagerly waiting for the HSC routine. They are searching everywhere to get the update news of the exam. We are ensuring you that, keep your eye on our site, we will update every news regarding the HSC examination as soon as we get.

HSC Exam 2020 New Update

Dipu Moni Press Briefing
Photo Credit: Focus Bangla

When all the students & parents are waiting with anxiety, the Education ministry clearly said that ‘HSC exam will be held, after 15 days of stable the pandemic’. No doubt, students have to wait a long time from now. At this time their study should be going on into a certain motion. Anyone can distract from the right way in this time. We are all in danger. Anyone can be affected into the CORONA Virus in anytime. So, we are all in fear of being affected. That’s why students can be flown off to their regular progress.

Mental strenght matters in this situation…

Parents have to give them a mental support. Mental support is a treasured item of a human being. Mentally strong people could anything he / she wants. Education ministry also confirmed that, they are thinking about ‘Shortage of the course & time’ for taking the examination. So, we can easily understand that, this exam is going to get a new shape. Students should get preparation differently, they should think differently to tackle the new situation. They should learn how to solve the problems in a short time. The way of thinking should be changed. Because, the upcoming HSC exam is a sign of changing the regular educational process.

In another way, CORONA virus is blessing for us, the main reason is we are learning how to think differently. And this situation also taught us how to solve the problem differently. If education is the backbone of a nation, then we can say that HSC exam is the nucleus. This is the one of the main pillars of our education system. When the base is powerless or weak, we cannot expect anything big from this. So, the base should be powerful & durable.Education ministry always updating our education system, they want to cope with the digital world with our education. HSC course is also updated in many times, many ways.

Education ministry is researching for the best solution

Education ministry always researches for the new methodologies, systems. The decision of taking the exam in a short time & short courses is another innovative & exceptional decision for the students. Students never faced this process before. Cope with a new situation is always difficult, but we have to fulfill the situation demands. HSC examination in a new way is also a demand for the current situation. This is the sign of that, we are updating.

Now we also can think differently and can do differently. We are changing our life style, life style is also affected in the examination. We all can see there are so many kinds of students in one class, they all read same topic from same teacher but the result is different. This is because of their life style. Some of them followed a short & precise routine & some of them are accustomed to their long routine. They all are different, but in the case of students they all are measured by one scale is GPA.

Nowadays, we are just running after GPA not good learning. But GPA is a reflection of how a student memorizes, not how he or she learnt. Always keep in mind that GPA is a valuable thing, but not the everything. Without a good GPA, you can miss a chance to get a seat to a reputed university, that’s not means your life has destroyed. Always focus on learning. If you learn properly GPA will become high automatic. Don’t be depressed. In this situation mental health is always a concerned issue for all, but you have to strong of mind also by health.

When HSC Exam will Begin?

hsc exam
Photo Source: Jugantor

Todays most concerned issue is HSC examination. Every student as well as every parent are very confused on this issue. Because, education ministry won’t give any certain date or time to begin this exam. In 04/04/2020 education ministry was published a routine where the date was April 1st. But in 25/03/2020 Bangladesh government was called off to every educational institute. And since then all the public exam has been suspended. A few days ago, the education ministry has declared that HSC exam will begin just after 15 days of the Pandemic situation stable. So, it’s very true that in there has no possibility to begin the exam in next two months.

HSC Exam Date Not Announced Yet

Education ministry again said that, they are thinking about to apply a new education system. Where the courses and time will be minimized. So, in this year HSC examination is going to get a new shape. Now we are sure that, HSC routine of 2020 will be published just 15-20 days before the exam to begin, as per education ministry.

HSC Exam Routine 2020

The approximate date of publishing the HSC Routine 2020 was one month before the exam held. Always education ministry publishes the exam routine like this, but the current year is exceptional. Due to the CORONA virus Education ministry still cannot take the decision about HSC exam 2020. That’s why the HSC routine is still hanging up into the situation. No one knows that how & when the exam is going to be happening.

A Few days ago, Education minister has clearly declared that, HSC exam 2020 will be held just fifteen (15) days after the COVID-19 situation stable. This has clearly meant that, there is no possibility to begin the HSC exam in next 1 or 1.5 months. But we hope that situation will be better very soon. We will start doing our activities soon. Till then we have to wait with the patience. We have to utilize this quarantine properly.

Students get the bigger opportunity in this year. Sometimes we have some lacking in our learning due to their busy schedule. Now it’s time to compensate our lacking. In this time HSC examination candidates should revise more and more their previous lesson. Sometimes they divide their syllabus into some small groups and cut off so many important topics. But this is the time to learn about each and every topic of their syllabus properly. As we know the HSC examination 2020 is going to begin after the situation is stable, we can easily realize that the HSC routine 2020 is also going to publish just before 15-20 days before the exam to begin.

Bookmark our site for getting latest updates on HSC Exam 2020

We are taking the responsibility to publish all the latest news or all the updates. And we will also publish the HSC Routine 2020 as soon as they publish & we get.

In this year Education ministry was posting an HSC exam routine of 2020 at the date of 04/03/2020. But due the CORONA virus government called off all the educational institutes & postponed all public & private examinations at 25/03/2020. Since then all the candidates are waiting for the new announcement. All the students & parents are also waiting for a new date & updates.

HSC Old Routine 2020

Education ministry was published an estimated HSC routine in March 2020. Where they have declared that HSC exam in going to begin in next April month. But this thought was before the pandemic. No one was thinking about the pandemic, no one how the CORONA virus will show its horrible appearance to our country. Just a couple of weeks after publishing the HSC routine 2020, our government called lockdown to every affected area of Bangladesh. Then the routine become void. And we are calling that routine old, where that was a permanent routine for HSC exam 2020. The situation is too difficult to take the exam. The date of publishing old routine is 04/03/2020.

hsc old routine 2020

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download (New)

Every candidate of HSC examination is looking for HSC exam routine 2020. It’s a most concerned of Bangladesh now. Everyone is searching for the HSC routine PDF format. All the candidate prefers PDF file. Because, when they have got the PDF file of the routine, they can access anytime and know about their necessary information anytime. The PDF format is mostly used and very famous format of all over the world. The PDF format is used for printing, sending & reading also. Everyone chooses PDF format because of its simplicity. Because, if we send the DOC file to anyone, the front and format become spoiled. But when we are sending the PDF format, it will set as a picture.

There is no chance to spoil the front & format. Another pros of the PDF format is, no one can make any changes to the information. Bangladesh education ministry published their routine in two (2) formats. First one is a PDF file, and the second one is Image or JPG file. Our site will also provide both formats of HSC routine 2020. Keep in touch with our website to get the most recent & reliable update regarding HSC examination 2020.

Instructions for HSC Exam Candidates

  • Every examinee has to present to the exam hall 15 minutes before to the examination starting time.
  • Candidates must bring their admit card and registration card to the exam hall.
  • Every candidate will allow to bring necessary materials, except any electrical device.
  • Any papers, hardboard or other thing like this is prohibited to bring.
  • Mobile phone, electronic watch is also prohibited to bring to the exam hall. But if it is necessary, then candidates have to switch it off the and give it to the exam invigilator.
  • Every candidate must take their own seat which planned by the exam authority before the exam start.
  • Candidates can change their answer script if there have any weak side or fully teared paper on the script before writing anything about it. If they write anything on answer script, it will become unchangeable.
  • Candidates are allowed to mark off as a margin by pen or pencil. But they cannot fold the paper.
  • Candidates can use all the colored ball pen except red color.
  • All the examinees must be filling up the Roll, registration, exam code & other related information given in the exam paper correctly.
  • Exam paper must be signed by the invigilator, without the sign exam paper will be considered as invalid.
  • The candidate cannot bring the exam paper outside of the exam hall. If he or she caught outside the exam hall the exam paper, he or she will be expelled.
  • Every candidate must sign in the attendance sheet. Without signing candidate will be considered as absent.
  • Writing and Multiple-Choice Question (M.C.Q) exam time will be separated according to the subject.
  • Candidates have to get the pass mark on writing and MCQ part separated.
  • They must attend to the practical exam on time.

All Education Board of Bangladesh

There are total 10 education boards in Bangladesh. Let’s introduce with those boards:

Dhaka Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Dhaka is highly responsible for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of all the schools, colleges and of Dhaka city along with Dhaka division. But all the English medium schools, Colleges, are not considerable. Dhaka board has started their journey in the year of 1921 but as a Dhaka intermediate & secondary board it has started in 1961. Head office of Dhaka board is located at Bakshibazar, Dhaka. If you are looking for the HSC Routine 2020 of Dhaka board. You can get the routine from here. Or you also can visit the website of Dhaka board www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd. They publish all of their latest updates into their website.

Barisal Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Barisal is a self-explanatory organization which mainly works for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of Barisal district as well as Barisal division. All the schools, college, will take part of those exams except English Medium schools, colleges. Mainly its established for recognizing, supervising, controlling & development of newly established non-government educational institutes. It started its official operation in the year of 1999. Its head office located at the Barisal main city. Barisal board HSC routine 2020 will be published here. Or candidates can also get the routine from www.barisalboard.gov.bd.

Chittagong Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Chittagong is mainly responsible for the pursuing just two public exams Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of all the schools, college of Chattogram division except English Medium schools, colleges. But recently the Board has started to take the Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam after announcing by the authority. Chittagong board started its official activities in 1995. This board works for supervising and development of all the educational institutions of Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachari & Bandarban Districts. Chittagong board will publish their HSC Routine 2020 at www.bise-ctg.gov.bd. Or you can keep your eye on our site.

Sylhet Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Sylhet is mainly responsible for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of four (4) districts of Sylhet division. The Sylhet education board has established for controlling, developing and supervising of all the schools, college will take part of those exams except English Medium schools, colleges of four (4) district regarding the Sylhet division. Sylhet intermediate and secondary education board has started its official journey in 1999. The head office of this board is located at Alompur, South Surma, Sylhet. The Sylhet education board will publish all their latest news along with HSC routine 2020 of the Sylhet board at www.sylhetboard.gov.bd. Or we will also provide that routine into our site.

Comilla Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Comilla is mainly situated for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of Cumilla district as well as nearby five (5) district of Chattogram Division. The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Comilla established in 1962 under the Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Amendment 1962. The Comilla education board will provide their HSC exam routine 2020 in their official website at www.comillaboard.gov.bd. As well as our site will also publish the HSC exam routine.

Jessore Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Jessore was mainly established for Khulna division. Jessore education board is an autonomous organization for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of Jessore district & Khulna division except English Medium schools, colleges. Jessore board has established in Khulna in the year of 1963 under Intermediate and the secondary ordinance of Pakistan 1962. This ordinance was amended two times in 1962 and in 1977. At present there are 523 colleges pursuing under the Jessore education board. A candidate can get their HSC routine 2020 of the Jessore board from their official website www.jessoreboard.gov.bd. Candidates can also get their exam routine from our site.

Dinajpur Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Dinajpur is an independent organization in the category of educational administration and management of Bangladesh. This organization pursues Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of Dinajpur district as well as other seven (7) district of Rangpur division. Dinajpur board has started its journey in 2006. Before the establishment of this board, all the educational institutes were pursuing their educational activities under the Rajshahi Education board. Dinajpur education board will publish their HSC Routine 2020 on their website. Their web address is www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd. As well as our site will also provide the exam routine.

Mymensingh Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Mymensingh is mostly responsible of taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of Mymensingh district along with its 4 nearby districts. It is an independent organization to operate their educational activities. This board has founded on 29/08/2017. This is the last educational board established by the Bangladesh government. Its City Branch situated in Teachers Training College, Mymensingh. And the Head Quarter is Building1 & 2: 346/2, Dholadia Road, Kathgola Bazar, Mymensingh. Mymensingh educational board will publish their HSC examination routine 2020 at www.mymensingheducationboard.gov.bd.

Rajshahi Board

The Board of intermediate and secondary education of Rajshahi is a self-independent organization is responsible for taking the Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of all the educational institutes of Rajshahi division except English medium institutes. This board is established for controlling, developing and supervising of the newly established educational institute of Rajshahi division. This board has established in the year of 1961, the main reason was to creation of a separate education zone of northern area of Bangladesh. Rajshahi education board will provide their HSC exam routine 2020 in by their website www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd. Examinees can also get that routine from our website.

Madrasah Board

Bangladesh Madrasah education board or Alia Madrasah education board is situated for controlling, developing & supervising of all the Madrasahs of Bangladesh except English medium. This board started its independent official journey in 1979. In the year of 1978 Madrasah board included Humanities & Science faculty to the Alim level. And in the year of 1980 Fazil degree was given the standard of HSC level & in 1985 Dakhil was given standard of SSC. Madrasah board always publishes their HSC exam or Alim exam routine to www.bmed.gov.bd. Madrasah students can also get their routine from our website.


Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination is a hot cake topic for every news channel, newspaper as well as every candidate of this exam. Parents are also very anxious about this exam. At present we are taking across a very difficult situation. Bangladesh won’t face any kind of situation like this. It’s our new total experience. We are staying home without doing anything. Because, we all are afraid of being affected. Our economy is falling down. This is a very bad situation for any developing country like Bangladesh. Not only the economy, our education system also affected by this situation. Students are losing their will power to study.

It is a very natural case, that if our educational institute become closed our students do not want to study. At this time our parents should be more careful about that. The main reason is, it’s not a vacation like other days. In other vacation we knew the limitation and certainty, but now we do not know any certain day, when the vacation will finish. Parents are another will power of a student. In this situation parents should be taken a big part of the encouragement from a student. Do not pressurize them. Motivate them to study in a proper way. It’s a big & healthy time to be prepared for the HSC exam.

According to the education ministry this year examination going to take a new shape. So, prepared themselves to be prepared in a new way. The way of learning should be changed. Learn more and more of the previous learning. Don’t be panic for the running pandemic situation. Everything will be okay very soon. Wish you good luck for the upcoming HSC examination.


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