Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online in Bangladesh

make money online bangladesh

Almost every online users want to make money online in Bangladesh. They are really crazy for it. Even some peoples don’t have minimum concept about online earning. Those people are just searching online “How to Make Money Online?” Are you also looking for this answer? Don’t worry! I’m here to guide you for making your dream true. Actually, there are so many ways to earn money from the online world. You have to choose the most suitable work for you. For doing it, you must have a clear concept of online income. Today I will introduce ‘online income’ concept to you within a few words. Then I will show top 5 ways which are very popular for making money online in Bangladesh.

Basic Concept: Make Money Online

Getting paid by doing any work virtually can be called as ‘make money online’. According to my word, it is the best simple definition to introduce it. The word ‘any work’ refers to jobs or business based on internet. In our real world, we do jobs or business & get paid. The same theory also applicable for making money online. There are many marketplace where employers post jobs. On the other hand, skilled peoples get paid by doing those jobs. Few people also do business virtually. In a word, earning money through any online based works can be considered as ‘making money online’.

Make Money Online in Bangladesh [5 Ways]

There are hundred of ideas to earn money online. You have to choose according to your preference. These money making ways varies according to countries. If an online making idea is popular in the USA, it may not be suitable for Bangladesh. Today I will share such type of money making ways which are very common in Bangladesh.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way in Bangladesh for online income. It refers to project based online jobs. As you know, there are various online marketplace where clients post their tasks & freelancers make those jobs done for getting paid. More than 500,000 active freelancers are working online from Bangladesh. According to the ICT division of Bangladesh, our local freelancers generating annually $100 million & become the second-largest supplier of online workers. So, obviously you can choose this way to earn a handsome amount of money from online.

At first, develop your skill in any sector like as graphic design, web development, digital marketing. Then build up your profile in online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour. You have to spend time on those marketplaces for getting jobs. Because, now-a-days, it’s become very competitive to win a job. Keep your patience & ensure your focus. Many Bangladeshi freelancers making thousands of dollars every month.

2. YouTubing

Making videos for YouTube has become very popular in Bangladesh. This profession called as YouTubing. Thousand of young people are taking this profession as full time. YouTubing is one of the most popular methods to earn money online. You need to make videos & if you eligible for monetization. YouTube will show ads on your videos. As a result, you will get earning share from those advertisements. Recently, popular social networking platform Facebook also launched video monetization system. That means you can also earn money by making videos for your Facebook page. YouTubing is not just about earning money. It also gives you chance to become a public figure.

3. Online Shop

E-commerce is now a trending thing in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi peoples are now adapting online shopping. So, hundreds of online shops are there in our country. Even many online shops are running their business through only a Facebook page and obviously making a handsome amount of money by selling products online. So, why it can’t be a way for making money online?

You can start any online shop from home with a little amount of investment. If you can’t afford an e-commerce site. Then start with a Facebook page & promote your products in various online communities. Many entrepreneurs become successful in this way. You can be the next one of them. According to present perspective of Bangladesh, running an online shop is a smart way for generating money from online.

4. Blogging

Although blogging isn’t a new concept. But it’s become popular in Bangladesh recently. Because blogging can make an unlimited amount of dollars. Our neighbor country India is a great example in this sector. Many Indian bloggers making more than 40 thousand dollars per month. There are also few bloggers in our country who are making large amount of money from blogging. So, there is a huge potential of blogging for making money online from Bangladesh.

You have to open a blog site & create content regularly. Then you can do SEO & social media marketing for driving traffic to your blog. Finally, you can monetize those traffics from displaying ads through Adsense or any other media. If you have a good authority in your niche, you also have a chance to get sponsorship. Affiliate marketing is also another good method to monetize a blog. So, you can earn good amount of money by blogging. Bangla blogging is also getting popularity in our country.

5. Social Media Management

As you know, social media platforms are a great virtual crowded place. That is why most of the business firms try to ensure their presence in social media. Engagement in social media of any business gets an extra competitive advantage. Small to large, all types of business in Bangladesh are now active in social media platforms like Facebook. So, this situation has created a demand of social media management service. Many business firms are hiring people contractually for managing their social media profiles. You can generate money by utilizing this concept.

You can offer your local business firms for managing their social media engagement. I can ensure that it can be a great source of earning money for you. You can also start a small agency for offering this service more professionally.

Final Words

If you are an online user. You know, how much potentiality is there for making money online. If can search on google for getting more money making ideas & complete guideline. These income sources can be your full time work. If you are a student, you can also use these ways for making pocket money. We have another post which will show you some part-time income sources in Bangladesh for students. So, which method you are deciding to start? Don’t forget to comment below.


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