Part Time Income in Bangladesh | 6 Ways For Students To Earn Money

Part Time Income in Bangladesh

Currently the most familiar and asking topic of students is ‘Part time income in Bangladesh’. Most of the families in Bangladesh are middle class. So, maximum number of students belong to a middle-class family. Middle-class family cannot afford their extra needs. Because they live just the near in poverty line. That’s why, students search for a part time income opportunity which allow the student to study with an income opportunity. This income reduces the pressure of the families to bear the extra cost of education. As well as a part time income opportunity makes a student self-dependent.

Top 6 Ways For Part Time Income in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, part time income opportunity is very low. But, if you maintain some strategies, then you can definitely earn a good amount in every month. We have discussed about 6 familiar ways for the students to earn money.

  • Tuition
  • Ride Sharing
  • Event Photography
  • Food Delivery
  • Article Writing
  • Shop Assistant

1. Tuition

Tuition is the most familiar and available part time job opportunity for the students. This is not just a job. It’s a passion for someone. Because, this is the only way to share your learning with others. When you are engaged with a tuition, you are playing the role of a teacher. A teacher is the most respected person in our society. This job has reputation in society. From this opportunity you are earning a healthy amount as well as you are making someone’s future better. Its also increase your inner power of speaking. A student who engages with tuition is always better speak and communicate than another who do no engaged. So, you can do tuition as your part time job.

2. Ride Sharing

Ride sharing has become a very famous and popular job opportunity in the modern age. It is one kind of providing transportation opportunity to others. A student just needs a vehicle or driving skill to do this job. Ride sharing is very trendy and popular part time job in Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh is a small country and there have a lot of traffic in our country. Everyone chooses Ride sharing to avoid traffic. Some citizens take this as their full-time job opportunity. But if you want this could be a better option as a part time job. There have so many companies in Bangladesh providing this opportunity to the part timers. If you have any vehicle or driving skill, you can earn a handsome amount in every month from Ride sharing.

3. Event Photography

Event photography is another trendy topic of Bangladesh. No event will be complete without photography. In birthdays, marriage, cultural functions and in every program needs photography. Everyone wants to save their memories in a frame. That’s why, the demand of photographer increasing day by day. There have so many photography clubs or company in Bangladesh. If you join them and do event photography, you will earn a big amount in a month. You also can support your family with this income.

4. Food Delivery

Bangladeshi’s are very fond of food. As well as they are very lazy in nature. Always they want almost everything at hand. Some people have taken this opportunity to start their own business. And also, they provide part time job opportunities to the students. Those business organizations deliver food to the people’s home for some extra charges. People are also happy to get this facility. They get their desired food in a moment. And also, they have saved their time as well. Students are earning by delivering those foods to the people’s home. In this job, students just need a bicycle or motorbike. Sometimes the company provides the vehicles to deliver the food.

5. Article Writing

The students who have a good writing skill, they can use this skill to earn money. There have a lot of websites, social media pages, business organizations, voluntary organizations who need a lot of content in a day. They prefer students to provide that job, because they want quality content by investing less money. Students are very happy with a little money. Because, their needs are also not so high. If you have this skill, you can earn a lot of money by doing this job. You do not need to go to the office for doing this job. You can do this by our home and you can also do it when your schedule allows you. It’s a stress free job.

6. Shop Assistant

Nowadays, we can find some smart and young boys and girls in every shopping complex as a shop assistant. This is the very interesting part time job for them. They meet a lot of people in a day. They need to show, communicate & sell those products to the customers. As a result, their marketing & communication skills are increasing as well as earning a certain amount. This is a huge experience which will affect in their professional life. Shop owners prefer the students to do this job. Because, young students have a will power to show their performance, which a general candidate do not show. And they also want to invest a little money. If they recruit any experienced and full-time person, they need to invest a lot. That’s why, they always prefer students.

Final Words

In every Developing country like Bangladesh have a little source of work of job opportunities. Our unemployment rate is increasing day by day. That’s why, our youths getting depressed. Part time job cannot fill-up the whole deficit of unemployment, but it can support some months or years until you get a full-time work opportunity. Everyone can do part-time job. But in our country the main part-time job seekers are students. Because, they do not want to pressurize their families to provide their educational expenses. By doing a part time job as a student can bear their educational expenses as well as support their families. This job increases their skills as well, which is very important for their professional life. If you are a student and want to find any part time job. You can follow our above suggestions.


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