Places To Visit in Bangladesh (Top 15 Tourist Attractions)

Places To Visit in Bangladesh

Are you looking for top places to visit in Bangladesh? Here we are making a list of amazing and tourist attracted place of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a South Asian bordering country. It’s very small but filled with natural resources. There have so many historical, memorial places in Bangladesh. There has greenery hill, tea gardens, world largest delta island, World largest mangrove forest and many more amazing places. Bangladesh is more than a gold mine for those who are very thirst for travel. People of Bangladesh are very friendly and hospitable. They give a very warm welcome to the travelers. That is why the tourism industry of Bangladesh is very attractive.

Culture of Bangladesh is very authentic and full of beauty. For the travelers Bangladesh can be a migratory place in the world. And Bangladeshi delicacy is one of the best in the world. Here, we have made a list of the top 15 places of Bangladesh which you must visit. You can also check out our previous post about Bangladeshi traditional foods.

1. Saint Martin’s Island

Credit: Jayanta Debnath

Saint Martin is the smallest and only coral island in Bangladesh. Its total is just 36 Kilometers. This island situated in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. Its 10 kilometers away from cox’s bazar main island which is the most southern part of Bangladesh. This is very neat, clean and peaceful place in Bangladesh. There is nothing strenuous like coral snake, sea snake, string rays. Even there is very rare of mosquitoes.

This island is full of coconut and palm trees. It’s possible to walk around the island in a day. Daily almost 7000 fishermen visit this island to catch some marine fish. The demand of those fish is very high in the local market. You also can collect and taste some fresh seafood in this island. This island is full of natural beauties. If you are making plans about visiting Bangladesh, keep Saint Martin island at the top of your priority list.

2. Sajek Valley

sajek valley
Credit: Xenosis

Sajek Valley is mostly known as the queen of hills and roofs of Rangamati. It’s an astonishing tourist spot of Bangladesh. Sajek valley situated on the hill naming Kasalong range is a mountain of Sajek union. This place is 450 meters or 1476 feet above from the sea level. When you are walking in this valley, you will feel that the clouds are circling around you. You can feel that, Clouds are talking to you. It’s Very refreshing for your mind and body. You will forget the world when you visit that valley.

Sajek is known as natural environment and its encompassed by huge mountains, densely forested, and slippery hill tracts. Kachalong and Machalong rivers are flowing through the mountains, which is the most attractive. Basically, ethnic minorities live here. If you visit Sajek valley you can enjoy the ethnic culture as well as the natural beauty of this fascinating place.

3. Chittagong Hill Tracts

Photo Source:

If you like hills and mountains, then Chittagong hill tracts are the perfect place for you. This hill tracts situated in Chittagong division. Which is the most southeastern place of Bangladesh. It is covering the India-Myanmar border about 5133 square miles of 13295 square kilometers. This hill tracts mostly used for cultivating the agricultural product as well as tobacco products. A maximum native citizen of this area is ethnic minority people like Chakma, Marma, Murong etc. When you visit the hill tracts you can see that you have reached very close to the sky. There you can enjoy the tribal culture along with the skyscraper mountains. In every year, millions of tourists visit Chittagong hill tracts to taste the natural beauty of Bangladesh. For the mountain lovers, Chittagong hill tracts are always an attractive place.

4. Jaflong

Photo Source:

Jaflong is a place surrounded by tea garden and hill tracts. It’s situated in Sylhet division. Its almost 60 kilometers always from Sylhet main town. It could be taken 2 hours to reach the place from the Sylhet main city if you want to drive by yourself. Beside Jaflong there have Sari river and Khashia hill tracts which are very eye catchy. It is overshadowed by the rainforests and the subtropical mountains.

Jaflong is also very famous for the collection of rolling stones and the home of khashi tribes. This place can give you many years of happiness and peace in one moment. Tourists visit this place to take some peace in the inner mind by relieving fatigue. Jaflong is another name of beauty. This place is more beautiful than people dream. That’s why, tourists come back to this place again and again. Once you visit Jaflong, I can say that you must come back for the second time.

5. Kuakata Sea Beach

kuakata sea beach
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Kuakata is a panoramic sea beach of Bangladesh. It’s mostly known as ‘Daughter of ocean’. It’s situated in the Patuakhali district of Barisal division. It is the southeastern side of Bangladesh. Kuakata has a sandy expanse of almost 11 mile or 18 kilometers long and 1.9 miles or 3 kilometers wide. From the white sandy beach, you can enjoy its main attraction the sunrise and sunset of Bay of Bengal. To watch the sunrise and sunset there are thousands of visitors visit kuakata every day. Kuakata is surrounded by eastern Gongamati reserved forest and world largest mangrove forest named Sundarbans.

Sundarbans forest is just one hour away from kuakata by speed boat. Kuakata is considered as a holy place for the Hindu and Buddhists community. In every year, millions of tourists visit Kuakata to see the ‘Rush Purnima’ and ‘Maghi Purnima’. On these occasions, pilgrims take a holy bath to the transparent water of the beach. Its very safest place for the tourists.

6. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

sundarbans mangrove forest
Photo Source:

Sundarbans is a world heritage site enlisted by UNESCO. Basically, it’s a mangrove area of delta island which confluences by Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers. Its spans of West Bengal’s Hoogly rivers to Baleswar river of Bangladesh. Sundarbans is the only place where River dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins are found. Just feel, you are visiting the Sundarban by boat and just beside you Dolphins are jumping in the water. It’s really an amazing scene. Not only dolphins, Bangladesh’s national animal ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ also lives here. Day by day the number of tigers is decreasing. World’s rarest deer called ‘Chitra’ are also found here. Bangladesh government always makes a safety net around them. Sundarbans is also famous for so many different trees like ‘Sundori’, ‘Golpata’, ‘Kewra’ and so on. Basically, Sundarbans name came from very rare & famous ‘Sundori’ tree. Sundarbans is a perfect place to visit.

7. Dhaka Lalbagh Fort

dhaka lalbagh fort
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lalbagh fort is one of the historical tourism place in Bangladesh. It’s an incomplete Mughal fort complex, which was established in the 17th century. Its stand before the Buriganga river in southeastern part of Dhaka. Its construction was started in 1678 AD by Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah, who was the 3rd son of Emperor Aurangzeb. Subahdar Azam Shah has taken the responsibility of the Emperor after his father passed away. When you will enter in the fort, you will feel that, time has stopped. You will be lost in the past days, you also can feel the old monarchy.

In every year, more than one million tourists visit Lalbagh fort to just to see the mausoleum of Pari Bibi, Diwan audience hall and Beautiful quilla mosque. To see the royal ideology, you must visit the Lalbagh Fort. Lalbagh fort open October through March in 9 am to 5 pm. And September through April at 10 am to 6 pm.

8. Sixty Dome Mosque / Shat Gombuj Moshjid

Shat Gombuj Moshjid
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Shat Gombuj Moshjid is the largest mosque in Bangladesh since 1204-1576 in sultanate period. It is a world heritage site announced by UNESCO. It was built by Ulugh Khan Jahan during the Bengal Sultanate. Ulugh Khan Jahan was the governor of Sundarbans. It is also called one of the most impressive Muslim monuments of the whole Indian subcontinent. It’s located in Mosque city Bagerhat. Its total area 17,280 square feet or 1605 meters.

The mosque has 77 squat domes, and 7 four sided pitched domes in the row of middle part. There has a huge prayer hall. There also have 11 designed doors on east site and 7 doors on the north site. North sided doors made for ventilation and light. There do not have exactly sixty domes. There have 77 domes and 60 stone pillars. It is possible to mention the mosque as a sixty pillars mosque. You can visit this amazing Muslim Monument to know the actual history of Bengal Sultanate.

9. Paharpur Buddhist Bihar

Paharpur Buddhist Bihar
Photo Source: Unesco

Basically, known as Somapura Mahavihara. It is the largest and best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian subcontinent. It is also a most valuable archeological sites in Bangladesh. It’s located in Badalgachi upazila, Naogaon District. UNESCO enlisted this site as a world heritage site in 1985. It is one of the earliest sites in Bengal history where Hindu civilization were dominated. So many Hindu statues were found in this Bihar. It was built around 8th century AD and the builder was 2nd Pala king ‘Dharama Pala’. This site was firstly noticed by ‘Buchanon Hamilton’ in 1807-1812 by his survey studies. After visiting Sir Alexander Cunnigham, university of Rajshahi and university of Calcutta started regular excavation in 1923. This site is the proof of our civilization. This is our history, our culture.

10. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

coxs bazaar sea beach
Photo Credit: Masud Al Mamun

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest natural sea beach in the world. Its total is 150 kilometers. It is the top tourist destination of Bangladesh. In every year, more than 3 million people visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The Cox’s Bazar name comes from ‘Captain Hiram Cox’ who was an officer of British East India Company. It is very famous for the long sandy beach, transparent blue water and its healthy environment. Area of Cox’s Bazar is very safe for the tourist. In 2003 Bangladesh government formed a tourist police unit to protect the local and foreign tourists. There have 3 stars and 5 stars hotels to give the accommodation opportunity to the tourists. It has a very refreshing weather. If you love the ocean, then you need to visit cox’s bazar sea beach for once.

11. National Martyr’s Memorial


National Martyr’s Memorial
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

National Martyr’s memorial is a national monument, which was built in the memory of those who died in the Liberation war of 1971. We remember those martyrs with due respect for whom we brought independence and separated from Pakistan. This monument located in Savar, which is 35 kilometers north-west of Dhaka. The initiative to build a monument was taken in 1976. But, for site selection, land development, design selection taken few years. In 1978, nationwide design competition was held for selecting the design. After checking 57 designs, Syed Mainul Hossain’s design got selected. This is the monument of honors. We are proud of our martyrs and freedom fighters who was devoted their lives for the Nation. Its very amazing place to see. There has an artificial lake, which is becoming another attraction for the tourists. Daily thousands of tourists visit national martyr’s memorial.

12. Puthia Rajbari

puthia rajbari
Photo Source:

Puthia Rajbati is an Indo-Saracenic revival architecture. This palace is located in Puthia Upazila. It was built in 1895 for Queen ‘Hemanta Kumari’. Puthis was a village of ‘Laksharpur Pargana’ which was named according to ‘Lakshar Khan Nilamber’ who was the brother of the first Jamindar of Puthia. Puthia Palace fully surrounded by ditches. The full areas of this palace are around 4.31 acres. There are 4 courts or division in the Rajbari. 1. Kachhari Angan or Office court, 2. Mondirangan or Temple Court, 3. Andar Mahal or Inner Quarters, 4. Residence of Hemanta Kumari. The rooms and the separated courts are made of stones and bricks. The front wall was very high and strong, though it damaged now. It’s very eye catchy and beautiful Palace. If historical places attract you, then it could be the best place for you.

13. Bichnakandi

Photo Source:

Bichnakandi is a shaft spot which uses for collecting rocks from the river. It is located in Rustompur Union, Gowainghat Upazila, Sylhet. In this place both sides of Khasi mountain meet in one point. Khasi hills make a beautiful fountain, which connected to Piyain River. Stones are natural and those stones or rock come down by the water streams from the mountain. It is one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. This place is located beside the India-Bangladesh border. And it is situated over two tectonic plates. This is an amazing tourist spot. River, hill, mountain and fountain make an excellent scenario here. Mainly the fountain is the major attraction to the tourists. If you visit this place, you can enjoy a natural combine package of all things.

14. Tajhat Palace

Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

Tajhat is a Historical monument of Bangladesh. This palace is situated in Tajhat Upazila, Rangpur. Its 3 kilometers away from Rangpur main city. This palace was built in the beginning of the 20th century with ‘Maharaja Kumar Gopal Lal’. In the year 1984 to 1991 it was used as a high court branch in Rangpur district imposed by the Supreme Court, Bangladesh. But in the year of 1995, the Bangladesh archeological department declared this as a protected monument. Now it’s used as a museum of Rangpur city.

There have two big ponds in this area of this palace, where water lily constantly blooming. There has a huge flower garden with so many different types of flowers. It’s very refreshing for the tourists. The museum is full of historic statues, articles, sword, and many more royal things. This palace filled with tourists daily. People also use this place as a picnic spot. Undoubtedly, this palace is the best tourist spot for those, who loves to visit historical places.

15. Sreemangal

Photo Source: TTABCTG.COM

Sreemangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. A large portion of the tea is produced in the Sreemangal. That’s why, it’s also known as the city of ‘two leaves in a bud’. Sreemangal is also very famous for natural beauty, forests and wildlife. Sreemangal is a hilly area covered by tea estates. There are almost 50 tea gardens in Sreemangal. This city is located 200 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka. The main attraction of this small city is ‘Lawachara National Park’. It’s basically a tropical rain forest. This park is full of wild animals. There have also Madhabpur lake, Humhum waterfall, Satchari national park, The shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal & Shah Poran. Nimai Shib Temple and many tourist spots.

This city could be a paradise for the tourists. Here, tourists can enjoy so many tourism spots in one place. If you are planning for visiting Bangladesh. Keep Sreemangal to your first priority list.

Conclusion on Bangladeshi Tourist Places

Bangladesh is a full of tourism places. It’s like a treasure for the tourists. Though it’s a small city, but nature gives a lot to this country. If you want to know the Bangladesh, know its history, know about the place and about the citizens. Visit the historical and most visited tourist spots is the best way to know a country. Here, we enlisted the most visited and most amazing tourist spots of Bangladesh. There are many left. But this list is enough for you, if you are traveling Bangladesh for the first time.

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