10 Must Try Traditional Food of Bangladesh (Famous & Delicious)

traditional food of bangladesh

Are you looking for Traditional food of Bangladesh? Then this post will help you most to find them. Bangladesh is a country of delicious foods. Here, people love to eat spicy and tangy food. Rice, fried fish, fish curry, lentils is the main food course of Bangladeshi people. Not only that, Bangladesh has so many unique and savory desserts. If you are visiting Bangladesh and won’t try these food items yet, then there has something incomplete in your journey. In this post, we have enlisted some traditional food of Bangladesh cuisine you must try. Foods is the main identity of a country. That’s why, here we want to introduce some unique foods of Bangladesh. By trying these food items, you will get an authentic experience of our country. Now you just need to follow our whole post to know more about those authentic and traditional food items.

1. Hilsa Curry

Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. So, you can easily imagine that, why we include this name first. When you are visiting Bangladesh and do not try Hilsa curry, this should be counted as an offense. Bangladeshi’s main food course is rice with any kind of fish. Hilsa is a special fish for Bangladeshis. Citizens of this country keep Hilsa in special days like Eid, Puja, Marriage function etc. Bengali People people like to eat this fish in two ways, the first one is fried in the mustard oil and the second option is the curry. On the other hand, Bengali People invent a third option which is the mixing version of the previous two options.

Firstly, they fry the fish in the mustard oil and make its curry. This is also a favorite item of every Bengali people. Generally, children do not prefer this fish, because of its spines. There have a lot of spines in Hilsa more than any fish. But its taste is also unique and different than any fish of the world. Mainly, Hilsa dapped in the ‘Padma’ rivers. Bengali People people make another version of this fish called ‘Shorshe Ilish’. They added mashed mustard seed on the Hilsa curry to get the extra acidic flavor. And we all know that, Bengali People like the spicy food. Always they want an acidic punch to their food. That’s why it’s also become a traditional food of Bangladesh.

2. Bhuna Khicuri

Bhuna khicuri is an alluring food for every Bangladeshi. It’s one kind of rice curry. Bangladeshi invents this item to mix up rice and vegetables or curry together. This is very healthy as well as tasty food item. People mix so many vegetables, lentils, spice powder together to make Bhuna khicuri. Bhuna Khicuri no needs any side dish together. But Bengali People is an amazing nation. They do not prefer to take any dish alone. They take Bhuna chicken, fried fish, fried egg of any kind of meats together. Bhuna khicuri is the signature dish of a rainy day.

Bengali People also prefer this item in their breakfast. They think, the spicy taste of the khicuri will increase their stamina to work the whole day. That is also a proven healthy food. Because, there have a lot of vegetables and lentils in the khicuri. Doctors prefer to feed khicuri to the children. You can find this food in the restaurant, but sometimes it does not taste like home. So, if any Bengali People’s family invites you, then you can get the main and authentic taste of Bhuna Khicuri.

3. Bhorta

Bhorta is a Bengali People word. It’s actually meant mashed something. Like mashed potato, mashed pepper, mashed brinjal. But Bangladesh makes a lot of difference to their Bhorta. Their invention about any food is always different from others. Bengali People always want to give an acidic punch and an amazing twist to any food items. Bhorta is that kind of food which Bengali People made with so many unexpected items. They make Bhorta of nuts, Fish, eggs, pumpkin also.

Bhorta of dried fish is a very special food item of Bangladesh. in every kitchen Bhorta is a common daily food item of this country. Its very cheap and readily available food item of Bangladesh. We all know Bangladesh is a developing country. Most of the people live under the poverty line. That’s why Bengali People always try to invent a cheap and available food item.

4. Kachchi Biryani

Kachchi Biryani is one of the tastiest food items of Bangladesh which make our tongue watery. Basically, Kachchi Biriyani was invented in India. And India Bangladeshi cuisines have a relation of brotherhood. We use the same spice, the same ingredient to our food items. Kachchi Biriyani is a main or a signature dish of every marriage function of Bangladesh. Kachchi Biriyani made by the biriyani rice and beef. Biriyani rice and beef have to be cooked separately, then mix up together. It has an authentic taste. When the rice and the meats mix up together, its colour become delicious. And the taste is unexplainable. Its taste is not describable by this post.

You cannot even imagine its real taste until you eat it yourself. There have so many types of biriyani in Bangladesh. but the Kachchi is the king of all. Without tasting Kachchi biriyani your Bangladesh tour is like a tea without sugar. You can find Kachchi biriyani all over the country, but if you want to take the real taste you should visit ‘Puran Dhaka’. It’s a certain area of our capital. There you will surely get the real and traditional Kachchi biriyani of Bangladesh.

5. Haleem

It’s one kind of soup of lentils. People use a mixture of lentils to make this soup. There have so many different types of lentils. You also find beef or goat meat to this soup. That meat got that soup to the next level. It’s very spicy soup, as we know that Bengali People loves to eat spicy food. And we also know that, Bengali People left no food alone, they use so many amazing ingredients to make this food authentic and tasty. Haleem is also not alone. Bengali People use ‘Tandoor Roti’ as a side dish. There has a rule to eat Haleem.

First of all, you need to squeeze the lemon on it, then you need to eat the lentil soup not the meat with Tandoor Roti or you also can eat this without Roti. At the end of the soup you will find the meat at the bottom of the bowl. They will serve Haleem to you in a round bowl. It’s also a part of the tradition. Generally, Bengali People eat Haleem in the evening. Its demand increasing day by day. During Ramadan, its demand increases several times than the other months. Bangladeshi people like to get Haleem as iftar’s main item.

6. Pitha

Pitha is one kind of Bengali People dessert made from rice flour. It has almost 300/400 version in Bangladesh. Their name is also very unique. ‘Puli pitha’, ‘Patishapta’, ‘Vapa’, ‘Dudh city’, and many more types of pitha have in Bangladesh. Every pitha is different from each other. Their taste is also different. Pitha is also a special dish for special days. Not every day Bengali People eat pitha. In any special day like birthday, marriage anniversary, Eid day, Bengali People people make pitha. We also take Pitha as our dessert.

Pitha has three types. 1. Very sweet, 2. Spicy, 3. They have no authentic taste, people use some side ingredients to taste them differently. This version is very special. The main examples of 3rd version are ‘Vapa’ & ‘Chitui’. If you use sugar to make them, you will get a sweet taste or if you use pepper then it will become spicy. Bengali People like all of them. In winter season, Pitha has become the focal point of demand to every citizen. Pitha is the main identity of Bengali culture, history and tradition. If you do not eat Pitha, your tour of Bangladesh is just meaningless. You cannot know everything about our culture without tasting this amazing food.

7. Morog Polao

We have already known about the biriyani. Morog polao is a dish mostly like biriyani. But here, rice and meat do not mix up together. They remain separate. In this dish, people use polao rice instead of biriyani rice to make the rice dish. Polao rice has a specialty. Its smell is very unique and delicious. Size of polao rice is not so longer unlike biriyani rice. And in this dish, people do not use beef or goat meat. Here, people use chicken. Not just chicken they use Bangladeshi chicken and very important thing is, it should be a cock.

Firstly, they fried the rice in the oil then cook. They believe by frying the rice, its taste increase for several times. And they make a very spicy chicken with heavy gravy. This is a main dish of every special event. Without morog polao any birthday party or any marriage program is just incomplete. Specially in the lunch and dinner Bengali people eat Morog polao. Because, want to take some rest after eating this delicious dish. This dish is very heavy for our body. If you love to eat spicy food like Bengali people, then Morog polao should get Top position on your priority list.

8. Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti

Bengali is a very mosaic nation. They are always looking for the new ways to make different food by using the same ingredients. Grilled chicken with naan roti is also an invention. This is a newer version of chicken dish. Here, they do not fry chicken or not make any curry. Here, they stuffed the chicken with so many different types of spices. Then the chicken bake in the grill. It’s too much spicy. The main ingredient of stuffing the chicken is mustard seed and oil. They mashed the mustard seed and spread on the chicken. We all know that, mustard seed has an acidic flavor. It makes the chicken extra spicy. Fragrant of grilled chicken is so authentic.

A Bengali citizen can easily identify a grilled chicken by its fragrant. Bengali people also add a side dish with the grilled chicken is naan roti. Naan roti is another version of Tandoor Roti. Their making process also similar. But the main difference is sesame seed. In the naan roti, they use sesame seed. Tandoor is a big and round shaped oven. In this oven, the upper surface remains open. Chief makes a big Roti from flour dough and baked them in the tandoor. That’s why it’s called tandoor or naan roti. Chief use clarified butter on the Nun or tandoor roti, which make the roti lightly sweet. Sweet naan roti and spicy grilled chicken are an amazing combination. Its taste is just like sticking in the mouth.

9. Paratha with Kosha Mangso

Paratha is one kind of roti. But generally, roti is oven baked, but the Paratha is fried in oil. There have so many differences between the making process of Roti and Paratha. Paratha dough is mostly oil based. Paratha dough is left for one night before making. Then, the chief cuts a small piece of flour from the dough and make a roti in round shape. Then fry in the oil. The soda of the dough activated and its swells a lot. The upper skin of the Paratha is very crispy and the inner part is becoming very chewy.

People like the crispiness and the chewiness. And the kosha mangso is another version of meat. This is basically a meat curry. This is very spicy meat dish like others but here the gravy is not heavy. People of Bangladesh love to eat the Paratha and kosha mangso in the morning at breakfast and in the evening. This dish has a simple touch of Indian cuisine. But the process is different from India. This will be one of the best dish you have ever tasted.

10. Payesh

Bangladeshi people are love to taste the spicy as well as the sweet food. Payesh is one of the signature dessert dish of Bangladeshi cuisine. Basically, Payesh is a sweet soup. It’s usually made with milk, rice and sugar. Firstly, the milk is strained in the oven for a long time. When it becomes as condensed milk the rice left in the milk. Rice soaks the most of the milk and get its whole flavor. After soaking the milk it’s the time to add sugar to make this very sweetened. After some time, its time to decorate this amazing dish. People use nuts, dates, saffron to decorate this dish. Generally, people take Payesh as a dessert item. After finishing their lunch or dinner they eat Payesh.

Payesh is also the main dish of all the special program. Bengali people eat that before starting any good or special work. They believe that, sweet food brings good luck. They also believe that, Payesh to keep our stamina for a long time and its also increase our mental ability. That’s why, before any examination Bengali parents give payesh to the examinee. Payesh is a very delicious Bangladeshi dish. Once you try this dish, you must try this second time in your life.

Conclusion of Traditional Food of Bangladesh

Food is one of the main identity of a nation. Without food there have few identified signs of a country or nation. We cannot identify the origin of the nation by taste their food items. Bangladesh has so many authentic and delicious food items. In above we have tried to collect some traditional food of Bangladesh. But it’s not enough. We cannot describe all the traditional food of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a treasure of foods. Our food is our asset. We just proud of our authentic Bangladeshi food. If you are planning to travel in our country. Then make a plan about our food. Because, without taste our food items your travel is just meaningless.

Here we have collected those traditional food items just for you. We just want to facilitate you to make your food plan. The BD info Web is always with you to make your task easy. Keep your eye on our website to get amazing information about Bangladesh.


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